About Me

I am Daniel Martin and it’s my pleasure to welcome you to my blog Peter Alfonso where I will be sharing all the insights about gambling and technology. I am both a technology enthusiast as well as a fun of gambling and this has driven me towards a journey of discovery as I seek to test out different gambling technologies to discover their inner workings and see how this knowledge can translate into a better gambling experience.

I will take time and explore gambling software for PCs, gambling apps for android as well as the individual games and how the inner workings of these software and apps influences the gameplay and outcomes. This is an exciting journey for me and I promise to share with you all the results that I discover.

Through this blog, I will also share with you interesting tips and hacks on how to improve your gambling experience by making it safer and rewarding, as you engage in it from a point of knowledge. It will be my mission to only give you the very best and unbiased opinions based on what I will discover. Because I don’t have any affiliation or loyalty to any gambling software service provider, you can be assured that I will only look out for you.

Let’s therefore embark on this amazing journey together.